A “Non-Stop” view into the conservative mind

An article from Chicks on the Right came to my attention via my Facebook feed. It's panning a movie that I didn't know anything about. I don't have to watch it though, all I need to know is that it contradicts the conventional, conservative line in just about every possible way. There's a collection of insights that can be gleaned from 24, NCIS, CSI, [...]

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Subway, not McDonald’s

From my perspective, Subway, not McDonald's is the enemy of consumers. McDonald's seems to spend a lot of time in the spotlight for making Americans fat, making children [...]

Changing perspectives on timeless things

I went to the local fairgrounds last weekend for a day at the steam show. What's a steam show, you ask? Like almost everything else, it's about people getting together. In [...]

Microsoft Word power user tip: print key assignments

Here's a little Microsoft Word feature that's pretty useful: you can print the custom key assignments of any Word document. Here's how: Open the document you want to print [...]