A “Non-Stop” view into the conservative mind

An article from Chicks on the Right came to my attention via my Facebook feed. It's panning a movie that I didn't know anything about. I don't have to watch it though, all I need to know is that it contradicts the conventional, conservative line in just about every possible way. There's a collection of insights that can be gleaned from 24, NCIS, CSI, [...]

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Startling proof of parallel worlds

As I was looking for a hotel to stop at that's halfway between my house and my sister's house in Georgia, I got a little crazy with Google Maps' scroll-wheel zooming and [...]

Evangelicals’ real political responsibility

Followers of Christ should submit to earthly authority regardless of their approval or disapproval of the particular regime in power at the moment. Romans 13 was, after all, [...]

Shame on the (neo-)conservative evangelical establishment

Every life is sacred. That's what most "orthodox" evangelicals will tell you. That's why the evangelical establishment is willing to back any political candidate who [...]