I had a dream last night …

… that we were floating in space, connected to each other by only a thin umbilical cord. The cord snapped and I began to drift away from you. I was helpless. I tried to swim back to you but in the frictionless vacuum of space, I was only flailing and spinning.

Suddenly I became aware that I was carrying a lot of stuff in my arms. Whatever these things were, they were dear to me and I didn’t want to give them up. But my despair grew as I drifted farther away from you. Finally I lifted a parcel over my head and heaved it away from me. My departure from you slowed ever so slightly.

Encouraged, I lifted another item high over my head and shoved it away into the blackness. Looking back, I noticed that I had stopped moving away from you. Now I began enthusiastically throwing away these dear things, watching them float away in the opposite direction as I picked up velocity toward you.

I began to weep as the distance between us closed. At last I was left with a lone package in my arms. My dearest possession. I hesitated, realizing that it wasn’t necessary to release this package in order to reach you. All it would do is further increase my velocity.

I strengthened my resolve and shoved this last parcel away into infinity just before you embraced me and I felt more whole than I knew was possible.

Then I woke up.